See how to negotiate debts

Having the dirty name on the market is a real nightmare for thousands of Brazilians. This hampers financial planning, makes it difficult to negotiate debts, impairs obtaining credit and opening credit. But there are ways that the citizen can use his clear name and not go through this series of problems. Some solutions are simple and will prevent a lot of headaches for you. Want to find out how to negotiate debts and do not have the name dirty?

Put your focus on trading


The number of people who can renegotiate their debts is growing. It is good for those who owe, but it is good also for those who have to receive, because they finally see money that could take years to receive. The most common cause of default is the loss of employment during the pay period of a loan or loan, meaning the debtor in general has the good intention to pay.

If it is your case, look for the lender and try to negotiate a situation in which you allow yourself to pay properly. Often the lender companies offer a good discount, so you take out the debt, and everyone wins.

Make a proposal


It’s not used to negotiate debt empty handed. You need to be well aware of your real conditions and come to offer the lender a realistic suggestion. If you do not, you may be offered a proposal that is not among the most favorable and you can remain enrolled. It is good to be ready, too, for a counterproposal of the institution, and consider whether it is compatible with your pocket.

Ask for a reduction of interest


We know that interest is the worst enemy of who owes it. If they are choking your finances, in many cases it is possible to negotiate interest reduction on your loan or financing. Shops and banks may lower your fees, but you need to seek them for negotiation.

If it’s to be taken in view, ask for a discount

If you have a financial book, you have a good letter up its sleeve when negotiating your debt. For the lender, it is very good to receive as much as possible immediately and avoid further delays in payments. And then it may be the first to offer a reduction for you. Another option is to try to reduce the value of benefits or increase the amount of installments.

Avoid new debts after trading


From the moment you negotiate the debt, you should only worry about what you owe. Be very careful not to lose control of your finances and not start another series of problems. If possible, you should hold a reservation in applications such as the savings account or similar, to use in emergencies and avoid further defaults.

Those are the best ways to negotiate debts and stay with the clean name on the square again. Try to have better financial planning and see how this will make you quieter. If you still have any questions

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