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Taking credit as a student – the student loan

Taking credit as a student - the student loan

As a student you need money – not much, but fast. The Problem: Students rarely have the option of applying for a standard installment loan from the bank and borrowing money, either online or at the local office.

Reasons for this are usually that, compared to ordinary employees, the required creditworthiness is lacking and credit institutions that the student will default on the repayment of the student loan. Thus, students are often closed to traditional ways of financing from the outset.

Can students get a student loan from Singday Loan?

If you only have a small financial requirement for a short time, you can apply for a student loan online quickly and easily. Our loan for students is available quickly and unbureaucratically.

Prerequisite for students:

  • Proof of a regular income ( cash, child benefit, salary, etc.)
  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • German checking account
  • German residence

Studies – Costs and Financing

Studies - Costs and Financing

Studying is expensive and time-consuming. It is not always possible to use your own savings or parental maintenance. For these reasons, alternative financing options must be sought. While direct study at a university or college only allows for limited employment, it does not have to be abandoned in a distance learning program. This can prove to be a great advantage. However, it should be remembered that the cost of distance learning can be very high.

What does a direct study cost?

Studying at a university or college is usually a full-time course. However, more and more colleges are moving to offer part-time study programs, which will take longer. They have the advantage that at least a partial employment is possible, the total amount of 20 to 30 hours per
Week should not exceed. Here, the funding is at least partially secured. The situation is completely different with full-time study. Here, the students or their dependents must pay for all costs incurred in connection with the study. It refers to

  • the livelihood
  • the semester contribution
  • the rent
  • any tuition fees
  • the cost of teaching and study material and
  • other private costs.

How much these costs are varies individually. Both the choice of the place of study and the course of study as well as the personal claim play a role. In general, total costs between 500 and 1200 euros per month can be expected, with slight deviations up or down are possible.

Financing options for a high and specialized school study

Financing options for a high and specialized school study

Theoretically, direct students also have the opportunity to finance their livelihood, at least in part, through their own employment or through jobs. In practice, however, these opportunities are often very limited, because studying requires time. The Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs are very structured and in many cases leave little room for other commitments and individual planning. In addition, academic achievements can quickly deteriorate and lengthen your studies if too many jobs are taken on the side. It is much better to use other financing options.

The cash should be mentioned first and foremost. However, it is far from paying students and is subject to certain conditions such as a present need.

Many students can access the parents’ home. It even represents a very important pillar of student financing.

In addition, it is increasingly common to finance the study in whole or in part by a loan. This may be a normal bank loan, a student loan with monthly payments or a microcredit or microcredit. In particular, the latter two options enjoy great popularity. In many cases, even between 1000 and 5000 euros are enough to finance the study costs or the cost of living or to bridge short-term financial bottlenecks. The repayment may be made in one amount or several monthly installments.

Distance learning – costs and financing

Distance learning can be a good alternative to direct study. This applies in particular to persons who do not want to interrupt their professional activity or for another reason they have no opportunity to visit a lecture hall on a regular basis and to take part in the study events.

The fact that distance learning is possible alongside work and can be made flexible in terms of time is the biggest advantage. If you are interested, you should definitely consider the costs, some of which may be considerable. This is especially true for all courses that are completed at a private university or college.

Distance learning at a state university costs around 1,500 to 2,500 euros, while studying at a private university often costs more than 10,000 euros in total. However, these costs do not have to be paid immediately, but can be paid in several monthly installments. For people who earn good, this is usually not a problem. Everyone else should think about how they want to finance the costs. A small loan for students can be the solution here. Both personal loan from the bank and microcredit from the internet come into question. Borrowing has the advantage that the cost of distance education can be paid in one amount and that the monthly payment of tuition fees is eliminated. In contrast, however, the monthly loan installments must be paid. But they can be much lower than the monthly fees at the schedule.

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